Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Black and White

My friends and I trooped to Scarborough to check on my surprise Christmas gift for Jobert. I've been scouring the internet for weeks for this surprise and finally, just few weeks before Christmas, I've found the perfect present :)
Meet our new border collie pup....a pedigree...

He won't be ready until the 20th when he will be 7-week old but already, I'm one excited mum!
Isn't he a cutie?

Monday, 21 September 2009

She Said The Darndest Thing

Post-Party conversation with Angeline, the cheeky six-year old:

Ange: "Tito Jobert, why aren't you and Tita Cherry married?"

Jobert: "We are married! Your Tita Cherry is my wife."

Ange: "You're only married if you have a baby. But you have no baby so you're not married."

Me: "We're not ready to have a baby yet that's why."

Jobert: "Don't worry Ange, your tita Cherry and I will make a baby tonight, ok?"

Ange: "How will you make one?"

Angie's mom: "Angeline, stop asking those questions, please."

Jobert: Hmmm...

Angie's mom: "Tito Jobert, ssh!"

Jobert: "When you're a bit older I'll tell you everything, ok?"

Ange: "When I'm twenty?"

Me and Ange's mom chorused: "Yes!"

Jobert: "No!"

Ange's mom: "kaw tito Jobert, bad influence ka talaga."

We all burst out laughing.

Angeline looks confused. Poor sweetie :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Subtle Serendipity (Jobert & Chez's Story)---a repost :)

His name lit up on my computer screen.

"Hi! I like your nick...sounds so sweet. How are you Windswept?"

"Is that why you click on my name because it sounds so "sweet"?" I retorted.

"No, of course not. I found your nick intriguing. Maybe, so do you. Where are you from?"

"I won't tell you." I tapped the keys stubbornly. Questions like this scares me.

"Do you have a....c e l l p h o n e?" I typed quite hesitantly. Don't know what came over me to ask this to be honest.

"Course. If you want try sending me a message." He replied.

"Okay." Hmmm. I seemed a bit uneasy about this. Sending a text message to some stranger? That's just not me. But I did it in the end.

"So you're in Singapore?" He typed back.

How did he knew where I am from? The country code perhaps? I quipped.

"Can we be FRIENDS?" he typed the word friends in capital letters.

"As long as you won't express your feelings for me then why not?" I anxiously replied.

"Don't worry I won't express any feelings whatsoever or be too personal to you for that matter. I just want us to be friends."

"So I'm safe with you then?" I replied jokingly.

This time I felt so relieved. Expressing your feelings to a stranger over the internet on a large computer screen was just ridiculous. And we've only just been exchanging few words of nonsense for chrissakes! And besides, I'm not that kind of person who's easily persuaded by some sweet words from an internet-savvy stranger.

"Can we chat again Windswept?" He asked.

"Sure." I typed the word with a little smiley at the end.

"Don't worry you're safe with me." He also typed back with a little smiley at the end.

"So, tomorrow?" I tapped the keypads with excitement I felt a certain pulse skip.

"Yes. Tomorrow it is then". He typed back.

It was a fleeting moment. So fleeting that I still can't remember how our chat started and ended.
I went back into my apartment with a little anticipation.
Tomorrow...Tonight's certainly not the last.
I remembered that night after I said my evening prayer I slept with a smile on my face.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

If my foot could speak...

While he's talking to a friend on the phone...

So does my foot!

Monday, 6 July 2009


Until when do I have to take the backseat?

'Til I'm old and gray?.....

Friday, 12 June 2009

Puppy Love

Meet the cute-as-a-button Sam, the cocker spaniel...

Okay Sam, lift your chin up and give me a serious face

Jobert's father instinct is etched all over :p

He's making pa-cute to him this time

Steady now, you're tickling me :p

Good dog ;p

Saturday, 6 June 2009


We treated our li'l goddaughter to a wee bit of exploring literacy, I mean, for us adults too! Her mom, Jobert and I trooped to Halifax for a 15min train journey to explore Eureka!. The sun was grinning widely so we're off to a good start :)

Her fave spot :)
Listening to Jobert's voice on the other line
We're inside a puzzle
Cool ride!

With her mom :)
Doin' her shopping at M&S

The goodies looked so real that she had to bit a piece of chicken off!
It's got milk too!
The book tower
Both being educated :)
Bookworm :)

Archimedes. He shouted Eureka! and takes a bath every hour proving that when immersed in water, a body does indeed displace an amount of water equal to it's mass. He looks good on his front view though :)

Face smothered with ice-cream :)

Ninong's girl. Train back home

Can't you tell? I'm broody ++++! :)